Jo has been asked to create a recipe index- a project she already had her heart set on, but now she's getting a kick in the tushie to get it off the ground.

I'll be posting some of my family's favorites, and I encourage  my readers to submit a few of their own.

Here's a quick one for you nine to fivers out there :)

Before leaving for work, put a lb of beef (stew chunks, stir fry strips or just an inexpensive cut chopped) into the crock pot, add about a cup of coffee and a cup of broth. bit of black pepper, a little garlic, bit of paprika is you have it. Chop an onion into there if you want. set to low and leave for the day. when you get home, turn it to warm, add a small container of sour cream. make a batch of eggs noodles- so easy, just mix 2.5 c flour (whole wheat is fine but you might need a little extra liquid) a dash of salt together. mix 2 eggs into a half cup of milk. mix with your hands. Yes, I said your hands, get a little dirty, take one for the team! Dab a little butter in there is you want too, I do. Knead it a few times to get it smooth, let it rest 5 minutes. Check your beef sauce, add spices to taste . Get a pot of water on to boil. roll the dough out, cut noodles. let them air dry a few minutes, your water should be at a low boil now. Cook the noodles a few minutes to desired tenderness. drain. serve immediately with the cream beef sauce. feeds a family of four. good side dish? Go ahead and cheat and buy a bag of frozen butternut squash chopped/diced. toss with 2tbs brown sugar, a generous dash each of cinnamon and nutmeg a pinch of salt, splash of olive oil. you won't need much oil since you're just tossing it all together. If you get those roasting on a shallow pan/baking sheet at 400 they should be ready when you plate.

There!  Healthy, easy, fresh, cheap and you even satisfy that little voice in the back of your head that wants something sweet without going overboard.

** I've been asked to update this recipe with nutritional and cost breakdowns. I don't have the software to give you an accurate nutritional breakdown but I can give you a cost analysis of the meal.
easy crock pot stroganoff with homemade egg noodles- beef stew meat @2.99 per lb, sour cream @ $1.25 for 16oz,  broth (canned/boxed) @ .38 per cup, coffee (brewed) @ .03 per cup, onion (one from a bag of four) @ .50, flour @ .14 per cup, butter @ .09 per tbsp, eggs @ .12 each, milk @ .09 per 1/2 cup = $5.93
roasted squash side dish- bag of cut peeled butternut squash @ 1.99, olive oil @ .15 per TBSP, brown sugar  @ .03 per TBSP =  $2.20   
The entire meal is $8.13, breaking down to $2.03 per person.

It's possible to feed your family well, with delicious and nutritious homemade meals if you just try!